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Video and web conferencing technology: MegaMeeting saving county council time and money

I’ve spoken a fair bit recently about how video and web conferencing is saving businesses and organisations money – the FA, charities, healthcare providers, emergency services, etc. Well, I have more news on that front – Carmarthenshire County Council has announced that it has made notable savings and improved its efficiency using MegaMeeting’s services.

MegaMeeting’s easy-to-use browser-based conferencing technology – it  works equally well on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms and is the only fixed-cost system that doesn’t require expensive hardware, long-term contracts, plug-ins or downloads – has allowed the council to save time and money by enabling employees to participate in meetings over the internet, reducing the need for conventional meetings.

MegaMeeting allows up to 16 users to be seen on screen at one time, and up to 500 to hear each other, share documents, view presentations  and more, all advantages from which the county council has benefited. In meetings, council employees have also been able to share desktops, hold ballots and even run sub-committee break-out rooms.

In addition, the council has been able to record and transcribe meetings, and there is also a built-in instant messaging system that allows attendees to communicate privately with each other.

Resources and IT executive board member Cllr Wynne Evans said about the technology, “We’ve been piloting MegaMeeting for the last year. We believe that it has saved both time and money. One team in particular, with staff in four towns up to 25 miles apart, now uses MegaMeeting for their weekly face-to-face meetings, saving significant productive hours formerly spent travelling.”

Carmarthenshire County Council has also reported that it has improved communication with employees that work at home – another subject that I’ve touched on before here. By removing the need for physical travel, MegaMeeting has allowed flexi-time or part-time staff to become much more productive.

Giles Nunn, from the council’s Technical Development Unit, commented, “MegaMeeting has helped with the management of those who work from home. The biggest group of users includes personnel who frequently work from home.”

So, Carmarthenshire County Council is another example of an organisation that is saving time and money by using video and web conferencing technology, news we’re very happy to hear.  

Want to know more about web conferencing technology that can help save your business or organisation money? Contact Katherine at MegaMeeting on 0844 967 0358 or +44 (0) 1273 900710.

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