MegaMeeting Help Topics

My buttons have no text on the login screen
If your login page has no text written in the boxes, you need to install or reinstall the newest flash player. Visit www.adobe.com to install directly from Adobe.




Using the Clearone Chat 50 device
If you are noticing high CPU usage while using SMD:
Close all instances of all of your web browsers
Open Software > Click on Advanced > Click on Save to Database > New window will open
At the top of the new window, there will be two drop down menus and a text field. For Device Type, select Video Conferencing. Manufacturer is generic, and you can name the device so you can recognize it in a list.
Mic Level I tested with is 10
Speaker Level I tested with is 6
Input Level is 30
Output Level is 16
Speaker is normal
USB/Analog Mix is unchecked
Line Echo Cancellation is checked
Include in My Devices is checked
Click on OK
That window will close and bring you back to the main software screen. Click on My Devices, select the device that you just saved and then click on the Apply to Chat button at the bottom and then close the Clearone Software. Then open the browser that you'll be using and get into a meeting.
The mic volume should be around 50% in both the top left hand portion of the meeting as well as in the flash player settings. Also in the flash player settings, make sure reduce echo is checked. Please lock your audio in and test.




I am having slow ShowMyDesktop sessions
If you are noticing high CPU usage while using SMD:
Go to your Desktop > right click and select 'properties...
settings > change the colours to 16 bit
click advanced > troubleshoot > turn hardware acceleration down to none and uncheck enable write combining.
Click OK
click OK again if it comes up.




CompShare - Getting 'proxy not found' error

If you are getting either of the following errors:

To fix this issue:

Delete the CompShare folder (C:\Program Files\Presenter\ CompShare) Reboot the computer Attempt the connection again 




Windows Vista / Flash Player Not accepting Allow or Deny

Open 'Internet Options' under tools in your browser
Add *.megameeting.co.uk to the following locations in the - Tools - Internet Options:
Trusted Sites (Security Tab - Trusted Sites, unchecking the Require Server Verification...)
Privacy Sites (Privacy Tab - Sites Button) - Allow Option
Completely close the Browser Opening a New Browser, go to www.megameeting.co.uk and right Click on the Live Demo Flash object and go to the Settings. This will open up the Flash Player Settings Window. Now, this will not fix the fact that you still can't choose to Allow, however now, you need to click on the "Advanced" button from the Flash Player Settings Privacy Tab (The Icon with the Computer Screen and the Eye)
Once the Flash Player Help Page Loads, you are going to Choose the Table of Contents option for "Website Privacy Settings Panel"
Once that loads to the right, you just need to select www.megameeting.co.uk (or the DNS that the customer is trying to connect to) from the list of Visited Websites and make sure that you choose the option to Always allow...Once you have selected that option, you will need to close the browser and when it reopens you should not have a problem using their Camera/Microphone or ShowMyDesKtop.




Connecting an older iSight firewire camera on a MAC
Issue is camera can be seen but not all of the time and video options show camera in the list.
Control and click and access the flash player settings and set it up to be IIDC FireWire Video (external camera, not built-in version)
Access the video options and set the camera to be the same device.
Toggle the 'Turn Video on/off' button in the lower left if you do not see the feed right away.




Instructions to get the built-in iSight camera working in Parallels under XP on an Apple Mac with OS X
To solve the iSight problem please follow these steps:
Install BootCamp drivers:
Download and install the latest Apple Boot Camp from http://www.apple.com/macosx/bootcamp/
Open Macintosh HD - Applications - Utilities
Mark Boot Camp Assistant , choose Show Package Contents from the Action menu.
Go to Contents - Resources and click DiskImage.dmg to mount it.
Find the “iSightInstaller.exe” file and copy it to your VM.
Shut down (do not restart) your Parallels VM and turn off the Mac.
Turn on your Mac and start your Parallels virtual machine.
Choose USB from the Devices menu and select Built-In iSight.
Allow your Windows OS to install the iSight drivers.
Turn off the Built-in iSight mode in the Devices menu and then select it again
Turn off the Built-in iSight mode in the Devices menu again if you want the camera to be used in your OS X.




Error 1316 when installing ShowMyDesktop on Vista Home
If you are getting an error, you need to disable or turn off the UAC (User Account Control) for Vista Home/Premium. You can do this by following the instructions below:
To turn off User Account Control go to the Start Menu. Click on Control Panel and then open the User Accounts from the Control Panel. Click on the link that says, “Turn User Account Control on or off.” On the next screen, uncheck the checkbox that states, “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.” Click on OK and Restart your computer.


How can I view compressed AVI files on a MAC?
In order to play compressed AVI (uncompressed and WMV are not able to run) you need to download and install an application like VLC Player (http://www.videolan.org) which then allows you to play your recorded files on a MAC.




Running the Computer Sharing on a MAC
Running the programs...
On Safari: Safari will automatically download the file to the desktop. It is a zip file and it will unzip/open automatically.
On Firefox: Firefox will download to the desktop automatically but, unlike safari, it will not unzip or open zip or bin files, so the user would do this manually. If it is just the .app file/program though simply run it by double clicking the icon on the desktop.
Mac taking over a PC:
PC runs the Listener application
Once the program is running, run the connection application on the Mac.
Mac should start Chicken of the VNC program (Click here to download) and should pop up the window of the PC
PC taking over a Mac:
Mac runs the Host application, waiting until OSXVnc is up and running
Once OSXVnc is running on the mac PC runs the connection application.
PC should see the mac's computer. It may take a while to load the screen.


Recording your Megameeting conferences Megameeting now offers Recording for your video conferencing and ShowMyDesktop sessions! For a one time cost of $299 you can record and playback your sessions in either WMV or AVI format, including the ability to change the framerate and compression quality! Contact your sales representative for more information or simply give us a call on 0844 967 0358.




Recording your Megameeting conferences
Megameeting now offers Recording for your video conferencing and ShowMyDesktop sessions! For a one time cost of $299 you can record and playback your sessions in either WMV or AVI format, including the ability to change the framerate and compression quality!
Contact your sales representative for more information or simply give us a call on 0844 967 0358.




Getting your Digital Video Camera to work in Windows XP
Make sure the camera is connected and the correct drivers are installed. Click HERE for the Microsoft patch.




Troubleshooting Flash Player for Intel-based Macs
For optimal troubleshooting, after each step, restart your machine, and Test Adobe Flash Player before moving onto the next step.
Verify the installed version of Flash Player
If the installed version is, then you have the Flash Player 9 final release installed.
If the installed version is, or, then you have the Flash Player 8 preview release installed.
Download and install the final release version of Flash Player 9 available here.
If the installed version is, or, and you are not running Safari in Rosetta mode, then you have the PowerPC version of Flash Player 8 installed. You can only run this version in Rosetta mode. You can follow the steps below to run Flash Player 8 in Rosetta, or download and install the final release version of Flash Player 9 available here.
Many issues are related to a problem with a previous installation of Flash Player or to browser configuration. To reinstall Flash Player, first run the Flash Player Uninstaller. Then download and run the Flash Player 9 installer available here.
Note: If you are having issues with content playback with Flash Player 9 and wish to switch back to the Flash Player 8 ( preview release, then you can download the archived preview release installer here.
Your permissions may not allow you to install plug-ins. If this is a possibility, then refer to Permissions can affect installing Adobe Flash Player (TechNote tn_15511) for more information.
Download and install the latest version from your browser manufacturer's web site. Make sure to check the system requirements to ensure the browser is supported on Intel-based Macs. Follow the instructions to install the Flash Player 9.




Explanation of Bandwidth Requirements for Enterprise
Each person that displays video in a conference transmits 70,000 bps of information. This is based on 160x120 resolution at 10fps.
If x people are in a conference, with ALL x displaying video , the amount of bandwidth required = x squared times 70,000 bps i. As an example, if two people are in a conference, and BOTH are displaying video , the amount of bandwidth required = 2 squared times 70,000 = 4 times 70,000 = 280,000 bps ii. If 10 people are in a conference, and ALL 10 are displaying video , the amount of bandwidth required = 10 squared times 70,000 = 100 times 70,000 = 7,000,000 bps
A good rule of thumb for presentations is to allow (conservatively) 250,000 bps for each host and guest that are in the meeting room (320,000 bps if the host is also presenting video, i.e. you need to add in the 70,000 bps for the host's video). This number may be quite a bit lower if the images are not changing very often (it can be as low as 135,000 bps if spreadsheets, word documents, etc. are being displayed).
As an example, if a host is presenting to 2 guests, a conservative estimate regarding the amount of bandwidth required is 3 times 250,000 = 750,000 bps.
If a host is presenting to 49 guests, a conservative estimate regarding the amount of bandwidth required is 50 times 250,000 = 12,500,000 bps.




Helpful Documentation for MegaMeeting Products
Megameeting Professional/Enterprise/Private Branding users click HERE for online documentation
Megameeting Personal users click HERE
For Megameeting ShowMyDesktop click HERE




Submitting Suggestions or Comments
Click HERE to make suggestions for the site or any Megameeting product




I cannot see my video on my MACBook Laptop
Control press control and click anywhere on the screen
Go to 'settings...' Go to last icon (web cam)
Select the correct camera from the dropdown list selection
Click close
Toggle the 'Video On/Off' button on the lower left of your screen




General Topics - FAQ Section
How do I clear my browser cache?
The browser 'cache' [Late 18th century. < French < cacher "press"] is the place on your hard drive that your browser stores web files from sites you have visited so that if you revisit the site, it will load much faster. The cache can also store 'cookies' which can hold data about your IP address or computer that the site can use for informational, content or archival use. By clearing the cache, you are ensuring you have the freshest and most up to date version of the site and can reload any data that requires refreshing.


Clearing the cache in Internet Explorer 6:

Click on 'Tools'

Choose 'Internet Options'

Second box down - 'Delete Cookies' and 'Delete Files'

Make sure to 'Delete offline content' as well


Clearing the cache in Mozilla Firefox 2.0+:

Click on 'Tools' or press Ctrl+Shift+Del

Clear Private Data

Check all that apply including cookies and files


Clearing the cache in Safari (MAC OS):

Go to the Safari option in the upper left menu and choose Empty Cache or Option+apple+E

To delete History go to history tab and delete history.

You may also choose to 'Reset Safari' to reset ALL...




What are the Minimum Requirements to Run Megameeting?


MegaMeeting End-User – Minimum Requirements:


Pentium-class computer with 800MHz (or faster) processor.
256 MB of RAM 240kpbs (or faster)
Internet connectivity. Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, etc.) with Flash Player 7 plug-in




Is Megameeting.com Safe/Secure?
HTTP Tunneling protocols - RTMP, RTMPT and RTMPS Explained:

By default, the Macromedia Flash Player communicates with the Flash Communication Server using RTMP protocol over port 1935. If that fails, it will try again over ports 443 and 80 in an attempt to workaround firewall settings within a company, which prevents TCP/IP connections over non-standard ports. The above approach allows approximately 96% of all users to access publicly accessible Flash Communication servers. To support closer to 100% of the users we need the Macromedia Flash Player to negotiate connection to the external Flash Communication server though a proxy server (if there is one), or use HTTP protocol to transmit RTMP packets (HTTP tunneling) if there is a firewall (which allows only HTTP content to be sent out to public servers).

What does this mean? In other words, unlike email or regular internet transmissions that require encryption to be secure, your video conference (audio/video/ShowMyDesktop) is transported through a port directly to and from our servers. This way it cannot be intercepted 'en route' and heard or seen from an outside source.