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Introducer opportunity Information
Read more about our lucrative introducer opportunity and see how you can be rewarded in this fast growing industry. This programme is intended for individuals and businesses that want to refer video and web conferencing prospects to MegaMeeting.

Internet Business Opportunity
Discover the benefits of becoming a MegaMeeting Reseller and how you can take advantage of the opportunities that exist in the world of video and web conferencing.this programme is intended for individuals and businesses that want to add value to those services they currently offer their clients and therefore receive more compensation by bringing closed business to MegaMeeting.

Business Opportunity for Multi-Level Marketers
Find out how MegaMeeting can help MLM’s maximise monies received, as well as create recurring revenue streams. This programme is intended for individuals and businesses that have many contacts they believe can benefit from video and web conferencing sales.

Online Home Based Business Opportunity
Ever wanted to work from home and be a part of a fast growing market? Now you can, with our web conferencing services. Find out how MegaMeeting can help you build a business on your own terms, a business that will not only provide you with income at the time of sale, but also a business that will provide you with a growing recurring revenue stream.

Reseller Program Overview
Learn the basics and general information about our Reseller Programme here.


Reseller Benefits

Receive a 30% commission on the set-up/licensing fees for all MegaMeeting Services sold.

Receive a 20% commission on the recurring monthly revenues that MegaMeeting receives (for sales made by the Reseller). With each sale you make, you will be increasing the amount of money you will be receiving on a monthly basis. As a MegaMeeting Reseller, you will continue to receive your on-going, recurring monthly commissions as long as clients that you sold continue to pay their monthly subscription fee and as long as you continue to sell a minimum of one new MegaMeeting system each quarter.

Receive a 15% "finder's fee" for all for all Professional, private branded and Enterprise meeting sales and referrals that purchase MegaMeeting Services.

Sell valuable services that are easy to demo, services that "sell themselves", in an industry that is in its infancy and just starting to explode. If you can get in front of qualified prospects, you can easily sell a lot of MegaMeeting services! Additional Information:

"To say that this is a ground floor opportunity would be a huge understatement as we have an awesome solution for resellers around the world to offer," says MegaMeeting co-founder Dan Richmond, "As more businesses add high speed Internet access, our technology is an excellent fit for millions of users. MegaMeeting resellers will have a major stronghold in this sector and an opportunity for virtually unlimited recurring revenues."
According to Richmond, MegaMeeting was designed so that any Internet user could meet online and make presentations to business colleagues and clients around the globe. Unlike most other audio and Video/Web Conferencing companies, MegaMeeting offers a model that is extremely easy and affordable for business enterprises in the United States and abroad.

"We've watched audio and Video/Web Conferencing evolve on the Internet for several years," says MegaMeeting co-founder Scott Goldman, "We believe that we have included all of the best existing technology and added our own unique touches to make it user friendly for everyone. We've also gone a step further by making our model work on a low-cost, flat fee basis with unlimited usage, which is changing the way (and the amount of time) people connect online."

MegaMeeting is continually refining its unique approach to browser based audio and video conferencing on the web. As the technology evolves and bandwidth is added, the only limit will be people's imaginations. To become a reseller or for more information about MegaMeeting, contact James Salisbury via e-mail at info@megameeting.co.uk or call +44 845 528 0575.